Damian Gessler, Ph.D., Founder, Semantic Options, LLC.

My focus is applying computational approaches to problems recalcitrant to traditional solutions.

Sample areas of study include a web-scale semantic protocol for data integration [1,2], informatics and infectious disease [3,4] mapping genes on chromosomes [5,6], and computational evolution [7,8]. Research and discoveries in the last area is probably the most far-reaching, though its long-term impact remains unknown.

I have also done work on how to rethink simple presentations on everyday problems. For example, see the Android calculator for home mortgages that I designed and wrote. As you slide over time and budget, it re-amortizes the loan continually as it updates the graphical display. Its accompanying website is HowToPayAMortgage.com.

Damian brings 30 years experience to the nexus of data, computation, and semantic challenges. Damian is the architect and inventor of SSWAP: Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol (PDF), with over a decade experience in semantic design, technologies, and solutions. Author of nearly 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications spanning multiple areas in biology and informatics; Principal Investigator and co-Principal Investigator in multiple National Science Foundation grants for research in Semantic Web technologies, and founder of Semantic Options, LLC, Damian applies this composite expertise to today's significant data and service integration challenges.